Friday, September 30, 2011

Aritzia... Xtra Like!

I need a restraining order from this store and I know for a fact that I am not the only one. Aritzia opened a few months ago on the corner of Broadway and Spring Street in Soho. They carry brands such as Wilfred, T. Babaton, TNA, and Talula, but also J brand, Joie and Citizen of Humanity. These labels range from super casual (even sportswear for some of them) to very dressy.  I put together for you the perfect outfit for the beginning of the fall.

Lace Bandeau by Talula $25

Chester Shirt by Wilfred $ 125

Lille Pants by Wilfred $110
Neil Jacket by A Moveable Feast $225

And say hello to my go to Dress! I bought this dress in white and went back to buy the black version a week later. Why? There is a thousands way to wear this type of little white/black dress depending on how you accessorize it.
Gotta go to work? Wear it with a little blazer, a thin belt, and some flat open shoes and a simple necklace (thin chain).
Going out? Just put on a pair of high heels, take off the necklace and add some earrings (don't be scared to go for hoops), and add a few bracelets.
 Sabine Dress by Wilfred $165

Aritzia stores are all over the US, and in some parts of Canada. You Girls live in any other part of the world? I am sorry, Aritzia does not yet have an online store :-(   I will of course keep you posted if things change and if this store opens in any other country.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Red as in...Look at the sole of my Shoes!

Christian Louboutin's first book is coming out very soon. What's inside? 304 pages on him, his life, his creations, pitcures of his shoes, as well as the interior of his homes all over the world, his collaboration with David Lynch, ..... (we'll all have to buy the book to know more). And wait...there is more...Louboutin will also create a special collection for his 20 Years that will come out in February, so Girls, start saving up! In the meantime, I wanted to share with you Louboutin's creations for Barbie. He created 3 Barbies, and an awesome collection of Shoes.

Christian Louboutin's book will be available on the 25th of October (but you can already pre order it now on Amazon for $95 instead of $150).

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Show me your Nails

There is something about living in New York that makes you want to have perfect nails. It might be the fact that women, no matter where you go, have perfectly manicured hands. It might also be the fact that you can get a manicure for less than 15 bucks on almost every corner in the city. No matter what the reason is, I realized that I want pretty nails at all times! But let's no forget, we actually have active lives and our nail polish does eventually chip (often way faster than desired). This is why I decided to try the CalGel Manicure.  It makes your hands look Perfect for 3 weeks, it does not chip or peel. And unlike regular gel manicure, it does not hurt your nails and it looks way more natural because the layers applied are very thin.
The best place to get a CalGel Mani/Pedi in the city is Marie's Nails in Soho (on Prince Street). It costs around $45, and these Girls can make anything you want on your nails. The only annoying detail: it takes up to two or three weeks to get an appointment.

Look at my nails (after a week and a half). I have to admit that I went a little overboard, but I really wanted to try some real Japanese nail art (and this is still a joke compared to what I have seen done at this nail salon).

Lady Gaga. Do you remember the video of Bad Romance? These are the nails in the is pretty interesting...

Rihanna...I just wanted to make you smile :-)

Katy Perry. Leopard Print is back (again)...(I will soon write a post on the animal prints for this winter).  In the meantime, the nails are a fun way to show your wildness. You don't have to do your entire hand like Katy, you can choose to do a regular manicure and just add one finger to put the leopard print on. 

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Charly Wants....LV

Marc Jacobs designed his latest collection based on Women's obsession with their bags. What best than designing a clutch locked to the wrist by a bracelet handcuff. The lockit clutch from Louis Vuitton is more than a is a Must Have! (or at least a want to have ;-)

Monday, September 26, 2011

The Help will lift up your heart

Emma Stone, Octavia Spencer and Viola Davis made this extraordinary story into an extraordinary movie. You're going to cry, laugh, and definitely leave the movie theater with a smile on.
Charly loves...

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Make it Girly

It's that time of the month... Tired of being scared that your bag is going to drop open at the office with tampons spreading all over the floor?! I found the solution. It is called Moxie. This company created cute and fashionable boxes to put our sanitary protection products. It is a little more expensive BUT buy it once, keep the box and refill it with your regular tampons, and pads.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Hello Rainy Days

The rain came down pretty hard on the city yesterday. I woke up and was actually delighted to be able to finally open the box with my new Burberry rain boots.  If you haven't bought any pair yet, hurry up because fall season started yesterday! Here are my 3 favorites styles for this season : Jimmy Choo, Givenchy, and Burberry.