Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Tasty Burgers

I am leaving today, and the last thing I want to eat before heading to the airport is a Burger! 
Here is the lest of my Top 5 Burger Places in New York:

1. Shake Shack. In Madison Square Park. 
I usually go there when I go to the dog run with my dog. Things you have to know: 
*There is ALWAYS a line (a huge huge line), about 30minutes easy! BUT there is a camera online so that you can see how long the line is...great, isn't it?! 
Here is the link to the cam
*It is outside so pick a warm day if possible
*The burger is pretty small in size so buy two just in case because you do NOT want to wait in line twice
*The 'Shroom burger' (vegetarian burger is suprisingly very good)
*They have burgers and treats for your dogs too!

2.Bare Burger
*Opened in 2011 on 3rd ave between 33rd and 34th st (they now have many more locations)
*Was rated 2nd best burger in NYC by Zagat
*It is all Organic
*Try your burger with some Bison, Ostriche, or even Elk if you are in the mood
*Love their vanilla milk shake

3. Burger Joint
*A little crapy but tasty place in a fancy hotel. Located in Le Parker Meridien on 56st between 6ave and 7ave. This burger place is hidden in the cellar of the hotel (you actually have to enter the hotel and find the stairs that lead on the lower level).
*It is a fun experience to try this place
*It is cheap and good!

4. Waldorf Astoria Hotel
If you want a $30 burger. I recommend the ones from this hotel. As weird as it may sounds, they are worth every penny. The Waldorf is famous for their Sunday Brunch which are definitely the best in town...but you are going to have to come try the burgers too...
*You have to try the Brie and Lamb Burger with the sweet potatoes fries. 
*It is fun to switch things up once in a while and to have a fancy burger! 
*The restaurant is located in the lobby of the hotel. 

pic by Andrew Holbrooke/Corbis

5. Good Burger
This is a burger chain BUT you can choose how you want your meat to be cooked and everything you want in your burger.
*They probably have the best shakes (take a half and half: half vanilla, half chocolate)
*Their cheese fries are sooooo gooooood! (I dip them in mayonnaise and it tastes amazing!)
*Their onion rings are just damn good as well
*They have locations all over the city and they deliver too (but it's always better to eat right away)

What's your favorite Burger in NY?

I ❤ NY

Today was Perfect (these days don't come around often but when they do you just have to realize how lucky you are!) It was my second day of vacation and my last day of this year in NY. I am going home for an entire month. Do not worry I will be back in NY before you know it and it also means that you are going to travel with Charly! Destinations: Belgium, Amsterdam, Paris, and more.... WouhoU!
I woke up this morning, still a little dizzy from the goodbye drinks from the night before but I wanted to seize the day (I started by watching Gossip Girl & The Hart of Dixie...what better way to start your morning?!). My best friend decided to bring me on a little shopping spree and I couldn't wait to get going but we were starving...
1.We decided to stop at Mercer Kitchen (one of Jean Goerges' resaturant). One of my favorite places to have lunch.
What I had for lunch: 2 appetizers (it was only 11.45am...)
-The Butter Squash Soup with black Trumpet Mushrooms $11
-The Tuna Spring Roll with Soy Been Puree (Charly's Fav) $17

Then we decided to shop for Xmas Gifts, so here under are a few ideas for you. Hope it will get you inspired! 
2. Hermes.

Hermes. Iphone Case. $305
It is the detail that makes your phone look a million times better!

3. Apple Store.  

Beats by Dr Dre. Solo in white. $229
The sound of these headphones is AmAzInG. 

Jawbox by Jawbone. Speakers. $199
This apparently is the best small wireless stereo audio for all of your I-things. 

4. Bliss Spa for a Facial! 

Probably a gift to yourself. Apply intensely to make sure that you are going to fit into that cute dress that you are probably going to buy for Xmas or New Year's Eve! 

5. Diane Von Furstenberg (DVF)

Elley Mini Skirt. $265
I fell for this skirt. My excuse (soon to be yours) We need some colors from the Resort Collections to spice up our dull grey and black winterish outfits! 

Clean Lee Dress. $269.
A little black dress that you can change up depending on how you accessorize it. 

Ipad Cases in Python. $275

Zarita Dress. $325.
Just so Pretty! 

6. Vince

Half Placket Silk Tunic. $255

Zip Caftan. $265

7. Theory

Jayleena Slit Black Sweater. $295
This is obviously the back view. You could wear a cute top under or just nothing but your bra... ;-)

Kala B Sweater. $295

8. Drinks at Imperial N 9. This is one of the greatest place I have gone to have drinks with some friends.
Located in the Mondrian Hotel in Soho (on Crosby street). It is a magical place with amazing decorations. I didn't get anything to eat, but the cocktails were fabulous! 

I found all of those great picture on the blogspot Wonder Will Never Cease.
You can always check Yelp for more details

Enjoy and Have a Lovely Day... XO's

Monday, November 28, 2011

How Wicked are You?!

Today was my first vacation day. It obviously meant a well deserved manicure and spa pedicure (= 2 hours of doing nothing but enjoying someone massaging your hand and feet).
Color of the Day? WICKED: 'a Deep and Dark Sinister Red' by Essie. 

If you are doing your nails at home (or getting your nails done somewhere), here is the song of the day you should listen to while painting/getting your nails painted:

The Japanese Popstars. Shells of Silver

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Need a Safety Pin?

I do...but only if Made by Tom Binns! These Safety Binns are simply AwEsOmE.

Crystal & Pearls Bracelet. $725

Silver Multi Pin Necklace. $940

Silver Multi Pin Bracelet. $550

They have theese earrings in several sizes and I just love how they look on Emma Roberts on the picture  here above! In this size they cost $350

Cuff. $550

Earrings. $175

Michelle Obama rocks the Binns Style! Hedgy but still ultra classy. 

Rachel Bilson in the lattest Nylon Magazine. Cute! 

Check out the pretty Tom Binns earrings on Isabel Lucas

Saturday, November 26, 2011

I Am Not Even Cold...

My best Winter Purchase yet....My Canada Goose Jacket!
The temperatures are coming down and this year I know that I won't be wondering how many more layers I will have to add before heading outside because I bought THE best jacket in the world.
My parents bought these jackets 5 years ago when we went to Canada. I however, had decided to buy a jacket that seemed to be way more fashionable at that time.... Huge Mistake on my part! I froze my butt off at -40 degrees celcius while my parents were telling me how warm they were in their fluffy jackets.
It took me 5 years to finally make the right decision (better late than never, right?! ;-)
Here is Charly's advice: If you live in a country with a cold winter climate, do not wait 5 years.... :-)

Canada Goose. Trillium Parka. 

Here are a few more items that I really like (=want) from Canada Goose: 

HyBridge Lite Jacket

HyBridge Lite Jacket (in Red)

PBI Aviator Hat. 

For those of you who have Mini versions of yourselves. This is just too cute! 
(they even have the size 0 to 3months)

Where to buy Canada Goose? Go on their website, and for each item you click on it and it will tell you where to buy it online. For my New Yorkers, Paragon has the largest choice in the city! 

Stay Warm! 

Friday, November 25, 2011

Once Upon a Time...

I love fairy tales...and I hope I will never stop believing in them. Fortunately for me, the ABC network does too, as they created the Show 'Once Upon a Time'.  which starts with the Story of Snow White and goes on in our world (in Maine to be more precise), with characters from various fairytales. The TV show stars Jennifer Goodwin, Jennifer Morrison, Jamie Dornan and many other actors that you already know.
4 episodes have already aired and I am totally hooked! I cannot wait see the next episode this Sunday at 8pm.

Snow White is the theme of the moment....
I went to the movies last Saturday to watch the new Twilight, which was not exceptional/even a bit boring but I still liked it... and I believe that the last one is definitely going to be the best!
Anyhow, every time I go to the movies I am always early because I don't want to miss any previews (in the US they show so many more previews than anywhere else, it is the best). 
And this time I did not get disappointed.... Take a look a the preview here under ↓  

Snow White and the Huntsman

Thursday, November 24, 2011

All ★

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!! A quick post because you guys have way better things to do today.....(like stuffing your face with pumpkin' pies!)

I am obsessed with Converse. They are just so easy to wear! On my days off, I tend to wear a jean, a white t-shirt/tank-top and a grey or blue a pair of Converse is all I need...
I have to admit that I also love going to the Converse store in Soho to print 'stuff' on my shoes...

I simply had to... ;-)

My dad is bringing The family in the Alps for Xmas so I decided to make us shoes... 
(My sister has tiny feet...)

If you go on their website you can design your own Converse

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Fast Fat Burner

I have been chugging brownies and pecan pies like a fat kid....I've been really bad! And what do I have coming up? Thanksgiving, my Bday, Xmas, New Years Eve. If I translate it means: Food, Food, more Food, and even more Food! As I haven't exactly been the best at going to the gym either, I told myself that I needed to do something radical to burn some fat FAST! (you need to at least burn some to replace it with some more not to feel too guilty, right?!)
Charly's solution: Barry's BOOTCAMP!
I started this Monday (I always start my resolutions on Mondays...I am sure you do too, it's just a great excuse to eat more on Sunday night...).
While I was signing up online for the class I realized that the first class starts as early as 6am (I picked the one at 9.30). Classes change every day: Mondays: Arms and Abs, Tuesday: Butt and Legs, Wed: Chests and Abs, Thursd: Back and Shoulders, Friday/Sat/Sunday: Full Body.

Monday: Arms & Abs here I come!
I had a light breakfast (I was way too scared that I would regurgitate in front of a room full of fit strangers). I got to Barry's Bootcamp (on 20th street between 6th and 7th ave) a little earlier to see what the place looked like. It has locker rooms, a reception, a little juice bar and then one big big room with, on one side,treadmills lined up. These treadmills are not the average ones... they were made for the long distance runs, and it's like you are running on a cloud (so I was happy about that). The second part of the room was steps and weights.
The class starts, we all jump on our treadmills, the music is blaring, the lights are dimmed (which was great because my face had the color of an overcooked lobster after only a few minutes of running), and the instructor Patrick Frost was guiding the class. He gives advices and tells you to follow his instructions depending on your level. You start by running at 5 miles an hour then he makes you raise the inclination up to 8 (that is super steep) and makes you run at different speeds for about 10 minutes. Then you grab your weights and you go to your step and you have 10 minutes of intense abs and arms exercises and then back on the treadmills. All of this for an hour! It was intense and totally worth it!

The classroom in NYC 

Tuesday: Butt & Legs. Wouhou!
Again 9.30am, again Patrick Frost. He is a really great instructor, very energetic and he help you as soon as you are not doing an exercise properly, plus he motivates you to do better and to stick to what he says even when you think that you are going to faint!
This class was one of the hardest classes I have ever followed. It was SO intense, but it was probably also one of the best workouts I have ever had! My butt and legs were on fire.
I really recommend trying this Butt & Leg Workout ASAP!

This is what we should look like after a few million bootcamp classes! 
(just in time for a thousand years ;-)

It is $32 for one class (a little less if you take some packages) 

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Oh Deer....

Louise O'Leary is one of the hot accessories designer of the moment. What you have to know about her: Her brand is called 'Louloubelle'. She is from Dublin, studied in Boston and all of her bags are handmade in Florence. Most important of all: Her latest bag collection features DEER-antlers....and Charly loves them!

BeBe. Berry. 440 

Bebe. Violet. 440

Loulou. Navy. 340

Hazel. 370

How do you like those deer-antlers?