Monday, November 21, 2011

Smallable is Adorable

Babies are springing up like daisies! This morning I was browsing on facebook when I realized that more and more of my friends and cousins had their newborns on their profile pictures.... It meant two things:
1. I am getting older and it is simply normal to have more friends getting married and having kids (right?!)
2. I am going to have to buy so many gifts for those babies... (I am actually already late for a few of them...)
3. Here is my plan
This website is my "go to" in terms of baby gifts for several reasons. It is easy to buy gifts online because you can send them anywhere in the world! (where when you buy a gift in a store and you have to send it to someone who lives on the other side of the planet or just one state away, sending that gift by UPS or Fed Ex can end up costing more than the gift itself..) Also, they carry so many different brands that you really have a great choice and everything looks amazing.
I have to admit that it is pretty expensive, so future moms, do not plan on buying everything here, but you can use 'Smallable' look books and decoration styles for inspiration.

This is what you can find under Looks for Babies...adorable, isn't it?!

Anne Clair Petit. Renne Multicolore. $106

Baby Barolo. Nid d'Ange en Duvet d'Oie. $194

Mimilou. Lampion Japonais Pois et Mouton Rose. $35

Lilly Marthe Ebener. Chaussons. $34

Ketika. Parure Etoile. $193

JellyCat. Petit Lapin. $23
I have this one (please don't ask..) and it is crazy soft

Playsman. Roadster. $403

Oeuf NYC. Robe Ivy. $124

Last tip, they created the new website with all of the special offers from smallable! Enjoy ;-) 

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  1. tu dis ça pour moi??? :-)
    remarque, mon newborn sur la photo de mon profil a quand même 4 ans maintenant! Quant à Agathe, elle est inexistante sur facebook.... bref, va falloir que je me mette à jour pour l'arrivée du babyboy!

    à super vite! yes!