Tuesday, November 8, 2011

It's Tuesday....and I Just Want to Hang Out In My PJs!

I am not yet ready to wear my 'outfits to go to bed' out on the street. However, I love to walk around in my apartment wearing pajamas all day and telling myself that I look just as cool as the models in the magazines....except for the fact that I really don't because after a few hours my pajamas end up looking all mushed and wrinkly!   

If I had that Louis Vuitton leopard print pajama and the helmet (and the cardigan because it looks amazing too) I would jump on my imaginary Vespa and drive around the city all day! 

Madewell. Alexa Chang for Madewell. Shirt.  $200

And that's how you have to wear outside of home! 

Madewell. Alexa Chang for Madewell.  Pants. $200

Rag & Bone. Pajama Blouse. $325

Tory Burch. Luella Pajama Set. $250

Victoria Secret. Dreamer Flannel Pajama. $49

If you like high end 'loungewear' this is the brand you want to check out!

Enjoy your Pajama Party! 


  1. Ever since I saw the Madewell ad with Alexa Chang I'm dying to get her pyjama with the little palm trees (and everything else in the video for that matter). It's so chic for bedtime and hanging around the apartment in the morning. Antoher great pyjama is the Luxe cashmerie nuitsette from Kiki de Montparnasse. Just perfect for cold winter nights...

  2. I bought pants that look like PJ pants at Aritzia...and I'm already wearing them to work.