Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Let's Fly!

I have really weird feet.... (such a strange way to start a post)...But due to a strange bone structure in my toes I cannot do regular Yoga because the basic postures are too painful (I know I need surgery...but who has time to stop working for 8 weeks?! Hopefully me next year... :-) In the meantime I decided to come up with a new plan: Anti Gravity Yoga! It is a fusion technique of regular yoga, pilates, dance, and gymnastics (and many more things apparently) but instead of being on the floor, you are in a hammock.

Step 1: I decided to sign up for a class at the Om Factory  ($18 for a 75min class, $15 per class if you sign up for 10 classes  at a time)

Step 2: Going to buy an outfit! (I wanted to look a minimum prepared for the class ;-) I went to LuluLemon. This is the canadian brand specialized for Yoga clothes. The clothes from this brand are ridiculously comfortable, they look amazing and the quality is great! It's not only for Yoga...they are great for any type of workouts!
Here is the outfit that I bought:

 The Scoop Neck Tank. $52
Great because: There is a bra inside that actually makes your boobs look cute (instead of flattening them) and you can run and jump in the air and nothing moves! 
 This is the back of the tank. 
 The Astro Pant. $98. I put them on this morning (when the class was at 2pm) and just could not take them off because they are unbelievably comfy. Yes, I did spent my day in my yoga pants! 
Oh and btw, you can flip the light grey part to hide the higher part of your tushy. 
 Stride Jacket Brushed. $128. It's more of a hoodie. What I love about it: its length (it is very long) and the hand warmer. It is perfect to go to and come back from the gym. 
And the back of it. 
Cheaper than buying a bottle of Evian every time. 
(I realized that I actually forgot it once I got to the class and ended up buying a bottle of water...duh) 
But I still believe that I will save money!  

Check out their online store 

Step 3: Going to the Class. The Om factory is located on 37th street between 7th and 8Ave on the 17th floor, and is a very peaceful place. They ask you to take off your shoes and socks as well as all of your jewelry (not to rip the hammocks). And then you do all of these fun exercises that make you work out, sometimes without even you realizing it, because the hammock supports you. These hammocks make a lot of exercises, that would normally be very uncomfortable/painful to do on a mat, seem easy and enjoyable.  
I found a video about Anti Gravity Yoga with Christopher Harrison (the creator of this type of Yoga)

I want to hear about your experience with Anti Gravity Yoga (as it is still pretty new, some countries do not offer any locations to practice this type of yoga) but I would not be surprised to see them appearing everywhere very soon. Here is a website where you can find all the locations for AG Yoga worldwide →

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