Friday, November 4, 2011

For Jules...

In each and every magazine of this month everything is about the Cruise Collections and I love it (and I promise to write a few posts on the colors and the what to wear and blablabla).... BUT first things first: One of my dearest friend who lives in Chicago asked me to look into warm boots for when it is going to get very cold/snowy.... (and it snowed last Saturday so this hunt is totally overdue...)
Here is what I found:

Mou. Bandeau $198
(the British brand that all the celebrities are wearing this season!!!!!!!) 

Mou. Prairie. $498
 Mou. Over the Knee Suede Boots 
(this is the model that you see on Gwyneth Paltrow, Cameron Diaz and Sarah Jessica Parker,...)

Mou. Goatskin Cowboy Goat Hair Boots. 560

Sorel. Caribou Boots. $130
This is how to never go wrong, it can rain, snow or just be cold, you are covered! 
Tory Burch. Duck Boots. $325

Juicy Couture. Sarabeth Boots. $167

If you wanna go furry style.... Prada. Fur Wedge Boot. $780
These look super warm. Mukluks. $300

Tory Burch. Apres Ski Boots. $395

If it is not snowing or raining but you just need warmer shoes...
Minnetonka Shearling Line Lace Up Boot. $168

Tory Burch. $225.

And because we should always be ready for a snow storm (with the Global Warming it could happen any time...), these are the boots that we MUST have.... 
Valentino. Studded Patent Snow Boots. $645

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  1. Weeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!! AWESOME!!!!!!!!! Love you Charlyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!