Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I ❤ NY

Today was Perfect (these days don't come around often but when they do you just have to realize how lucky you are!) It was my second day of vacation and my last day of this year in NY. I am going home for an entire month. Do not worry I will be back in NY before you know it and it also means that you are going to travel with Charly! Destinations: Belgium, Amsterdam, Paris, and more.... WouhoU!
I woke up this morning, still a little dizzy from the goodbye drinks from the night before but I wanted to seize the day (I started by watching Gossip Girl & The Hart of Dixie...what better way to start your morning?!). My best friend decided to bring me on a little shopping spree and I couldn't wait to get going but we were starving...
1.We decided to stop at Mercer Kitchen (one of Jean Goerges' resaturant). One of my favorite places to have lunch.
What I had for lunch: 2 appetizers (it was only 11.45am...)
-The Butter Squash Soup with black Trumpet Mushrooms $11
-The Tuna Spring Roll with Soy Been Puree (Charly's Fav) $17

Then we decided to shop for Xmas Gifts, so here under are a few ideas for you. Hope it will get you inspired! 
2. Hermes.

Hermes. Iphone Case. $305
It is the detail that makes your phone look a million times better!

3. Apple Store.  

Beats by Dr Dre. Solo in white. $229
The sound of these headphones is AmAzInG. 

Jawbox by Jawbone. Speakers. $199
This apparently is the best small wireless stereo audio for all of your I-things. 

4. Bliss Spa for a Facial! 

Probably a gift to yourself. Apply intensely to make sure that you are going to fit into that cute dress that you are probably going to buy for Xmas or New Year's Eve! 

5. Diane Von Furstenberg (DVF)

Elley Mini Skirt. $265
I fell for this skirt. My excuse (soon to be yours) We need some colors from the Resort Collections to spice up our dull grey and black winterish outfits! 

Clean Lee Dress. $269.
A little black dress that you can change up depending on how you accessorize it. 

Ipad Cases in Python. $275

Zarita Dress. $325.
Just so Pretty! 

6. Vince

Half Placket Silk Tunic. $255

Zip Caftan. $265

7. Theory

Jayleena Slit Black Sweater. $295
This is obviously the back view. You could wear a cute top under or just nothing but your bra... ;-)

Kala B Sweater. $295

8. Drinks at Imperial N 9. This is one of the greatest place I have gone to have drinks with some friends.
Located in the Mondrian Hotel in Soho (on Crosby street). It is a magical place with amazing decorations. I didn't get anything to eat, but the cocktails were fabulous! 

I found all of those great picture on the blogspot Wonder Will Never Cease.
You can always check Yelp for more details

Enjoy and Have a Lovely Day... XO's

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