Friday, November 18, 2011

Petit H by Hermes

The grand-grand daughter of Mr Hermes, Pascale Mussard, created Petit H! In Petit H they are using pieces of Hermes materials that were considered to be misfit to create new objects. In other words, Hermes recycles and recreates! (or simply makes even more money with the products that were supposed to go to waste ;-) ...but I have to admit that I actually love the concept. The objects vary from necklaces, to cup sleeves, toys for kids, cupboards, bags, cards ...
New Yorkers, you have two more weeks to go see the collection on display at the Hermes boutique on Madison Ave ( and 62nd St). The collection will then move on to Paris at the store on Rue de Sevres for a limited time as well.
If you can make it, I would advise you to go take a look because it is full of creativity and nice ideas but with the perfect Hermes finish....

Calfskin Leather Skin Sleeve. $190 each
This was probably my favorite item from this petit H collection! 

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