Monday, November 14, 2011

Simply SeXy....

I walk in front of the store 'Kiki de Montparnasse' once in a while when I am in Soho but weirdly enough, this weekend was the first time I actually went inside. And it was WAOUW! The lingerie is ridiculously beautiful (and pricey). They have crazy sexy lingerie as well as comfy sweatpants and sweaters in cashmere (and they even manage to make those look cute and sexy).
If you wanna dress to impress your special someone, this is the place I would recommend. 

Amour Kaftan. $495

Cateye Mask. $125

Nuit Lace Leggings. $495

Luxe Boyfriend Sweater. $495

Make Love T-Shirt. $65
I fell in love with this t shirt and bought it. The cotton is very soft and the cut is just perfect.
I always take a size bigger for the t shirts because I simply hate it when they are too tight.
(sorry for the quality of the pic, but I took it myself...)

They have a much better choice in their stores 
(compared to what's on their website 

Have a Good Night ;-) 

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