Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Fast Fat Burner

I have been chugging brownies and pecan pies like a fat kid....I've been really bad! And what do I have coming up? Thanksgiving, my Bday, Xmas, New Years Eve. If I translate it means: Food, Food, more Food, and even more Food! As I haven't exactly been the best at going to the gym either, I told myself that I needed to do something radical to burn some fat FAST! (you need to at least burn some to replace it with some more not to feel too guilty, right?!)
Charly's solution: Barry's BOOTCAMP!
I started this Monday (I always start my resolutions on Mondays...I am sure you do too, it's just a great excuse to eat more on Sunday night...).
While I was signing up online for the class I realized that the first class starts as early as 6am (I picked the one at 9.30). Classes change every day: Mondays: Arms and Abs, Tuesday: Butt and Legs, Wed: Chests and Abs, Thursd: Back and Shoulders, Friday/Sat/Sunday: Full Body.

Monday: Arms & Abs here I come!
I had a light breakfast (I was way too scared that I would regurgitate in front of a room full of fit strangers). I got to Barry's Bootcamp (on 20th street between 6th and 7th ave) a little earlier to see what the place looked like. It has locker rooms, a reception, a little juice bar and then one big big room with, on one side,treadmills lined up. These treadmills are not the average ones... they were made for the long distance runs, and it's like you are running on a cloud (so I was happy about that). The second part of the room was steps and weights.
The class starts, we all jump on our treadmills, the music is blaring, the lights are dimmed (which was great because my face had the color of an overcooked lobster after only a few minutes of running), and the instructor Patrick Frost was guiding the class. He gives advices and tells you to follow his instructions depending on your level. You start by running at 5 miles an hour then he makes you raise the inclination up to 8 (that is super steep) and makes you run at different speeds for about 10 minutes. Then you grab your weights and you go to your step and you have 10 minutes of intense abs and arms exercises and then back on the treadmills. All of this for an hour! It was intense and totally worth it!

The classroom in NYC 

Tuesday: Butt & Legs. Wouhou!
Again 9.30am, again Patrick Frost. He is a really great instructor, very energetic and he help you as soon as you are not doing an exercise properly, plus he motivates you to do better and to stick to what he says even when you think that you are going to faint!
This class was one of the hardest classes I have ever followed. It was SO intense, but it was probably also one of the best workouts I have ever had! My butt and legs were on fire.
I really recommend trying this Butt & Leg Workout ASAP!

This is what we should look like after a few million bootcamp classes! 
(just in time for a thousand years ;-)

It is $32 for one class (a little less if you take some packages) 

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