Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Restaurant of the Week 'Edi & the Wolf'

Last Saturday my boyfriend decided that we were going to have dinner at an Austrian restaurant. I was a little bit sceptical...and asked him three times 'Are you sure this is such a good idea?!' I was picturing an oktoberfest type of place (how cliché, right?!).
I was relieved the minute I entered the restaurant. It is super cozy (as you can see on the pictures) and the atmosphere is very convivial! We were helped right away (that's when I realized that we didn't have a reservation)...but we got very lucky! We ate at the bar and it was the best seat in the house as the bartender took such good care of us.
The dishes that I thought were the best out of what we've ordered:
-Landjager: a cured dried austrian sausage with mustard and pickles
-The Baby Back Ribs: honey, beers, mustard, and pickles (My Favorite!!!!)
-The Apple Strudel
-The Wine: some Riesling (I love wines that are pretty sweet so I would not recommend it to everybody...just to those of you who love sweet (alcoholic) juices ;-)

The Xtra details that makes this restaurant special and makes me want to go back tomorrow:
-impeccable service (everybody was just so nice and the staff was paying attention to all the important details)
-the bathrooms (you have to go wash your hands because they look amazing...)
-their playlists (I could have stayed all night just to listen to their music)

Edi & The Wolf Location: 102 Ave C (& 7th street) 

I would advise you to go check the reviews about this restaurant on yelp (that's where the picture are from)  http://www.yelp.com/biz/edi-and-the-wolf-new-york
You can also look up their website  http://www.ediandthewolf.com/

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