Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Cooking Time with Charly

I always wonder how there can be so many restaurants in NYC...Answer: New Yorkers do not use their kitchens! (this includes me...). Why? because they are TINY. 
However, there comes a time when going to the restaurant and ordering in aren't fun anymore; and all you want to do is eat something that you made at home. But then comes the question: What are we going to eat tonight ? "Euh...Blank". When you have been used to choosing from hundreds of menus for so many months, it is hard to think of something... That's when a cook book comes in handy. I have a few of them at home,but they are all way too sophisticated for my cooking level... (in my defense they didn't look that hard when I was looking at them in the store)
A few days ago I went to Williams Sonoma  ( http://www.williams-sonoma.com/) in my quest to find THE cook book, and I did found it! Tonight was the first time I used it, and except for the fact that my kitchen looked like a murder scene when I was done cooking, dinner was a huge success. Four people ate the food I made...and no one is sick (yet), and all of them even admitted that everything was delicious. 
I have to give all the credit to Yvette Van Boven and her book "Home Made". She teaches you everything you need to be able to do on your own; such as liqueurs, jams, ice creams (without a machine), and plenty of great dishes from breakfast to deserts. The descriptions are all wonderfully done, the pictures will make you want to eat the pages of the book, the recipes are easy and delicious! And one important point: you do not need a million different ingredients and hundreds of sophisticated appliances to be able to redo what's in the book. 

Home Made. $40/ or $25 on Amazon

Curious about what I made tonight: Smoked Pork Chops, with Butternut Squash & Potato Salad from the Oven with Fresh Sage, and Green Asparagus with Parsley Gremolata. (it sounds fancy doesn't it?! Don't get fooled, it was easy... ;-) 

Also, Yvette has her own restaurant in Amsterdam called 'Aan de Amstel'; and if you are like me and cannot go there now, check her website  http://www.yvettevanboven.com/

Let me know what recipes you are going to try!  


  1. I have to Admit it was DELICIOUS even though, at the end it was less funny for the one doing the dishes ;)

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