Thursday, November 10, 2011

Off the Leash!

I am fascinated by the girls who look all stylish with these detachable collars. I really want the Louis Vuitton but it is a tiny bit out of my budget for the moment.... So I went on the Etsy website and found some really cool ones (at more affordable prices ;-) ... but then, as I was browsing I discovered some even more interesting pieces made by Alexis Bittar & Delfina Delettrez.
Louis Vuitton. Gold Metal Collar. About $1500 
I am crazy about this accessory... as it serves as a collar, as a necklace, as a something special! 

Just love this picture from Madame Figaro! And look at the varnished leather collar!!!

 Etsy. Peter Pan Collar with satin Bow. $36
 Etsy. White detachable shirt collar. $21
Perfect if you want to prove how much of a Saint you are... 
 Etsy. Removable Collar.$70
 Etsy. Detachable Peter Pan Collar. $38
 Alexis Bittar. 

Alexis Bittar. 

Delfina Delettrez. Button Collar Necklace. $2400

Delfina Delettrez. Button Up Cuff. $1400
I thought it was just great that she created the cuff to match with the necklace... 

Which ones are you favorites????? 

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    le sinatra est trop joli à mon avis...

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