Saturday, November 19, 2011

Fun Fun Fun Gifts

Xmas is around the corner and here are a few ideas to fill in the stockings with fun stuff!

'Where I have Been' Scratch the Map Travel. $25

Aphrodite USB Hub. $46
Imagine, you could charge your iphone, ipod, and ipad at the same time!

Like & Dislike Stamps. $16
Imagine yourself at work stamping all the stuff you dislike...AwEsOmE!

Ipod Hoodie. $20

Graphic Tape. $10

Hidden Owl Tea Cup. $24

'Just Sayin' Sticky Notes. $5

'Singing in the Rain' Shower Curtain. $22

Etch A Sktech Ipad Case. $42
Only fun for those who were playing with that toy when they were kids... 
I used to love that game and now I really really want this ipad case!

You can find all of these items here → 

1 comment:

  1. I want everything on here! Is it Christmas yet?