Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Tasty Burgers

I am leaving today, and the last thing I want to eat before heading to the airport is a Burger! 
Here is the lest of my Top 5 Burger Places in New York:

1. Shake Shack. In Madison Square Park. 
I usually go there when I go to the dog run with my dog. Things you have to know: 
*There is ALWAYS a line (a huge huge line), about 30minutes easy! BUT there is a camera online so that you can see how long the line is...great, isn't it?! 
Here is the link to the cam
*It is outside so pick a warm day if possible
*The burger is pretty small in size so buy two just in case because you do NOT want to wait in line twice
*The 'Shroom burger' (vegetarian burger is suprisingly very good)
*They have burgers and treats for your dogs too!

2.Bare Burger
*Opened in 2011 on 3rd ave between 33rd and 34th st (they now have many more locations)
*Was rated 2nd best burger in NYC by Zagat
*It is all Organic
*Try your burger with some Bison, Ostriche, or even Elk if you are in the mood
*Love their vanilla milk shake

3. Burger Joint
*A little crapy but tasty place in a fancy hotel. Located in Le Parker Meridien on 56st between 6ave and 7ave. This burger place is hidden in the cellar of the hotel (you actually have to enter the hotel and find the stairs that lead on the lower level).
*It is a fun experience to try this place
*It is cheap and good!

4. Waldorf Astoria Hotel
If you want a $30 burger. I recommend the ones from this hotel. As weird as it may sounds, they are worth every penny. The Waldorf is famous for their Sunday Brunch which are definitely the best in town...but you are going to have to come try the burgers too...
*You have to try the Brie and Lamb Burger with the sweet potatoes fries. 
*It is fun to switch things up once in a while and to have a fancy burger! 
*The restaurant is located in the lobby of the hotel. 

pic by Andrew Holbrooke/Corbis

5. Good Burger
This is a burger chain BUT you can choose how you want your meat to be cooked and everything you want in your burger.
*They probably have the best shakes (take a half and half: half vanilla, half chocolate)
*Their cheese fries are sooooo gooooood! (I dip them in mayonnaise and it tastes amazing!)
*Their onion rings are just damn good as well
*They have locations all over the city and they deliver too (but it's always better to eat right away)

What's your favorite Burger in NY?

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