Thursday, December 1, 2011


I love the month of December because it's a lot of fun (my bday which actually is tomorrow ;-) , the bday of half of my family, Xmas, New Year's Eve, some time off). December is so great that it makes the month of January look pretty bad (end of vacation, being broke with all those Xmas gifts, throwing away the decorations and the tree...). This makes me want to take immediate actions to make sure that January will still be inhabited by the good memories from December.

1st 2012 resolution: Be positive under any circumstance!  As it is going to be tough during the month of Jan, I will during all this month of December take plenty of pictures of people I love and fun times. I will then make photo albums so that I have something to look at when I have a tough time smiling. How to make this even more fun? Using a Polaroid! At least I know that the pictures wont end up in my computer somewhere where I am not even going to look at them, whereas, when you have little pictures laying around everywhere, you have to gather them and make cute photo albums!
Plus, people hate to be taken in pictures but as soon as they see a 'Pola', they are way more willing to Smile for the pic. 

Instax Mini 7S Instant Camera. $130

While I was looking for that Polaroid, I found a great website
It is all about the lomgraphic devices "The espionage quality of the shots creates pictures, which are at the same time out-of-focus and sharp, light and dark, enigmatic and mesmerising."

Lomography. Diana Mini F + Clones. $150

This picture was taken by the Diana camera. Isn't this little rat a total cutie?! 

Lomography. Scrapbook. $13
To put all of your Lomography pictures! 

Lomography. Fisheye 2 Clones. $120

Photo Accordion Family. $17
Also to put your great pics!

Please Smile at the Camera ;-)

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