Monday, December 12, 2011


Amsterdam, the Netherlands
This is my favorite shopping discovery in Amsterdam (so far...) The store is pretty small and is full of jewelry and clothes. The kind of very delicate jewelry that we all go crazy for!!! From Van Rycke, to Forrest & Bob, HopHopHop, as well as their own creations. I discovered a new brand that I thought was really great and not too expensive. It is called Second Female, it's Danish, and I cannot wait to wear my new green sweater.... :-)
Nore was helping my sister and me, and she was AdOrAbLe.  She was enthusiastic about everything, and made us want to buy the entire store. They have 2 locations for now and they intend to open their flagship, in Amsterdam as well, next summer.

-Huidenstraat, 30. 1016 Amsterdam. +31.20.3301800
-Wijde Heisteeg, 9. 1016 Amsterdam. +31.20.4209940
Their Website
(You can buy everything online! I am so happy about that!) 

This is Nore! 

My New Ring on my Pinky. Van Rycke. Heart Ring.

Second Female. Sweater. 


  1. Hello, i noticed you got the vanrycke heart ring. i really want to order one but im not sure what size? i was just wondering what size you bought? thanks so much

  2. also is it made for your pinky or did you pick a smaller size?
    thanks HEAPS