Monday, December 19, 2011

'C de C'.......A World of Cuteness

Brussels, Belgium
When I have to shop for baby items, I try to buy them off the internet so that I don't go too crazy. Because in a store, I end up buying for way more than the budget I previously decided on....I have to admit that I love shopping for my friends' babies (because everything is so cute!)
A few days ago, I had no option but to go to a store to buy presents and I went to C de C, and I thought 'Thank God, I don't have any kids right now because I would buy the entire store!'
They sell this brand all over the world... so no matter where you are you can go shopping for babies and kids and be sure to find something adorable.
In Brussels C de C is 204 Rue Washington, 1050 Brussels.

Xmas Baby 49

Furry Coat. 45

Flower Shirt. 36

Dress. 45

FYI: They have bigger size, up to a size 38. So if you are 'petite' you might fit in some of their clothes as well. I found a leopard print shirt for my sister for Xmas. 

Have a Great Week
(Only 5 days left to find gifts for Xmas.....)

Charly will be in Paris for the next 3 days! WouHoU. 

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