Tuesday, December 13, 2011

It's all about Bikes....

Amsterdam, the Netherlands
In Amsterdam, one thing is sure: It is all about Bikes!

Want to pimp your ride? I found a website to accessorize your bike.It is called BikeCap. Everything is super Kitschy I have to admit... but I feel that going for fun stuff to 'dress up' your bike is totally acceptable (especially if it's useful)!

BikeCap. The Bike Cap. 9.95

BikeCap. The Gloves. 29.95 

BikeCap. BoxCap. 14.95 

 BikeCap. BoxCap Deluxe. 34.50 
BikeCap. Pillow. 19.50 

Here is the website  http://www.bikecap.nl/en/

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