Thursday, December 8, 2011

So Belgian....So Good

Brussels, Belgium
Every Wednesday there is a market called 'Le Marche du Chatelain'. My mum used to bring me there to buy some fruits, vegetables, quiches and other organic products, but most importantly to buy some 'Galettes' (which I could describe as a type of waffles). They are to die for! Yesterday, my first Wednesday back in Brussels, guess where I was????

These two are always smiling....
That's probably because they have the secret recipe to make the best galette in the world!


Price list: I always buy 12 of them at one time...
....and I'm always already half way done by the time I get to my car

They are working at the 3 big markets in Brussels. 
Wednesday afternoon: Place du Chatelain in Ixelles, Brussels
Saturday morning: In stockel, Brussles
Sunday morning: Boitsfort, Brussels (I love this market too)

Enjoy ;-) 


  1. Just baked my Christmas batch yesterday.

  2. Going to bake mine Sat. Can hardly stand it. I have the original Galette Iron that was in my grandfathers family from Belgium.