Friday, December 9, 2011

Life is Better in ROSE

Brussels, Belgium
On the street de L'Aqueduc in Ixelles (Brussels), there are two amazing Stores owned by the same person. ROSE & MY TABLE. They sell fun and cute gadgets, and girly accessories. The store ROSE has been around since 2003 (and that's where I usually go when I have to buy a 'last minute' gift...which, I have to admit, is quite often..), and My Table opened only very recently and I intend to go buy (myself) some presents very soon!

ROSE: 56-58, Rue de L'aqueduc. 1050 Brussels.

They always have the most wonderful windows!
Check their windows out →

Here is their website →

MY TABLE: 73-75, Rue de L'aqueduc. 1050 Brussels

The OCD Chef board. Any of your friends are architects?! 

For huge Cakes!!! 

Here is their website →
As there is not much on the website yet, they have a facebook page →

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