Saturday, December 24, 2011

Xmas Nails

Brussels, Belgium
For Xmas, I love to go for Red Nails, probably because if feels Christmassy to me...  When I am in NY before buying a color that I really like, I try it on when I go to the mani/pedi place and if after a week I am still a big fan I buy it. (that's when I shop 'smart'). Otherwise, I am in a store, I probably already have something on my nails so I don't try it out at all, buy it, and then realize that I am not a big fan once it is on my nails.... However, I discovered that OPI have a really cool way to help you shop 'smart' on their website. You get to try it: You chose the color of your skin, then the length of your nails, then you pick the colors you like. Have I just spent 15minutes trying them all, and then retrying them all because I couldn't remember which ones I actually liked?! Yes, I did, and I had fun!

I love these two types of Cherry colors....
Try it on the OPI website

Unfortunately, after the holidays we are going to have to take good care of our bodies again as the summer will arrive that (but I will not talk about this subject as we all ready to stuff ourselves with a lot food starting tomorrow...) In the meantime, I will talk about taking care of our nails....
Mine are in a pitiful state: completely broken and so weak that when they grow they break. It is time to do something. Fortunately for me (as this is not the first time that this has happened) I know the drill!
The best Solution ever invented by men for nails is called HEROME. 
Depending on how terrible they look and are you have several cure options. Mine being close to decomposition (that's pretty gruesome...maybe I exaggerate a bit') I start the cure with the 'Herome Nail Hardener Sensitive'. For this one the cure lasts 21days (I know it's long....) 

Herome. The Nail Hardener Soft. 14
How to Use it: 
*Day 1, Apply a first coat
*Day 2, Apply a second coat
*Day 3, Remove both coats
*Day 4, Copy day 1, and so on,.... 
*Day 21, You Are Done! (or at least done with this product) because it is best if you continue with the 'Nail Hardener Strong'. That treatment only lasts for 14 days...! And then if you want or if your nails are already in good shape but you want them to be ultra strong you have the 'Nailhard Extra Strong' 

Herome. The Nail Hard Extra Strong. 14

My advice to you: If you had gel manicures or any other fake nails you have to start with the sensitive Herome nail hardener. And if you have the courage do at least the 21days cure for sensitive nails followed by the 14days cure with the nail hardener strong! For 30 euros and a month of patience you can regain beautiful and strong nails, it is worth it!  (you can always add it to your resolution list for 2012...) but I am starting my cure the day after Christmas! Who's going to do the same??? 

Also, Herome has a website but it is in Dutch so my Belgians and my Girls from the Netherlands go ahead and order you products from the website (even if you do not speak the language I am pretty sure you could understand how to buy them online from that website ;-)  
Otherwise not to worry I checked online and you can buy these products off many websites! (just google it) 

I wish you all a Super Happy Christmas! I am leaving tomorrow to go skying in the Alps for a week. There is no wifi in the chalet I am staying at (arghhhhh....) but not to worry, I will bring my computer and I will definitely find some wifi in the village (right?! :-)


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