Friday, September 30, 2011

Aritzia... Xtra Like!

I need a restraining order from this store and I know for a fact that I am not the only one. Aritzia opened a few months ago on the corner of Broadway and Spring Street in Soho. They carry brands such as Wilfred, T. Babaton, TNA, and Talula, but also J brand, Joie and Citizen of Humanity. These labels range from super casual (even sportswear for some of them) to very dressy.  I put together for you the perfect outfit for the beginning of the fall.

Lace Bandeau by Talula $25

Chester Shirt by Wilfred $ 125

Lille Pants by Wilfred $110
Neil Jacket by A Moveable Feast $225

And say hello to my go to Dress! I bought this dress in white and went back to buy the black version a week later. Why? There is a thousands way to wear this type of little white/black dress depending on how you accessorize it.
Gotta go to work? Wear it with a little blazer, a thin belt, and some flat open shoes and a simple necklace (thin chain).
Going out? Just put on a pair of high heels, take off the necklace and add some earrings (don't be scared to go for hoops), and add a few bracelets.
 Sabine Dress by Wilfred $165

Aritzia stores are all over the US, and in some parts of Canada. You Girls live in any other part of the world? I am sorry, Aritzia does not yet have an online store :-(   I will of course keep you posted if things change and if this store opens in any other country.

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