Saturday, October 1, 2011

French Speaking Only...

Margaux Motin is just Hilarious!   My sister gave me one of her books a little while ago, and it's just the best book/comic strip EVER.  I started reading it on my way to work and I was laughing out loud. Let me tell you that when you're in the subway at 5.15am nobody wants to hear someone laugh or just make any noise... (I feel like before 7am everybody sleeps on the subway, but I just don't get how people have the ability to magically wake up and get out at the right stop....) Anyhow, go buy "J'aurais adore etre ethnologue"ASAP and tell me what you think. (12 Euros on
For my Non-French speaker, I'll try to find you Girls something as funny in English.

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