Friday, October 21, 2011

Never Without My Moleskine

The legendary MoleskineS have been reappearing as the cool notebooks to own. Everybody now has one of their agendas or one of their classic notebooks in their bags at all times, and that is perfectly fine, I do too. But they created something better: A notebook that you will believe has only been created for you...and for your passions! They are called the "Passion Books" and they range from cooking, to style, to movies, to gardening, to traveling, to babies and even to your furry friends! I bought the one for the recipes and received the one for the Style and they are so much fun to use.  You can name or rename the different tabs, you receive 200 fun stickers, and the way the notebook is organized is just genius. I never go anywhere without my "Style" Moleskine because every time I shop in a great store, or I discover a new website, or I have a new idea to share with you on my blog, I write it down immediately (everything is now in one place instead of spread out on a million different tiny pieces of paper).

Moleskine. Style Journal. $20

Here is the Video of the Moleskine City Notebook NEW YORK. $18
They have more cities and it is a great tool to prepare your trip as well as to use when traveling!
This is also a great gift idea! (Christmas is not so far) 

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  1. I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!!! You're inspiring me to start writing - maybe one day :-). Thanks for the invitation! You're the best, x