Saturday, October 29, 2011

Graffiti Food & Wine

Jehangir Mehta is one of the great chefs in the city. He was chosen by Jean Georges to open Mercer kitchen and that was and still is a big success! Then, he decided to spread his wings and open his own restaurant: Graffiti Food & Wine. This is a little diamond!!!! The food is amazing and cheap(all the dishes are $12 or $15), the wine list is small but they are all really good and again they are at very reasonable prices ($25 for any of their bottles). The restaurant is tiny, you sometimes have to share a table with other people, but the atmosphere is always convivial. It is tapas style, so you share little plates of food. It's even more fun to go with a few friends to be able to try more tapas. Here are a few dishes you cannot miss: 
-The Braised pork buns, apricot chutney
-The Duck portobello gratinee, mustard onion confit 
-The Zucchini Hummus Pizza 
If you are vegan or need to eat gluten free, no worries, they will tailored the dishes just for you. 
The restaurant is located on 10th street between 1st and 2nd Ave. 
Enjoy! (and don't forget to tell me how much you liked it...)

For those of you who are too far to try it now, I have the solution. He wrote a book called "Mantra: The Rules of Indulgence" for $14 on Amazon.

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  1. Je veux, je veux... Let's plan something soon. Seems like the perfect place to have a cosi meal with friends.