Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A Little Piece of Paris in NY....

When you think of think of the Eiffel tower, Chanel, Avenue Montaigne, Stylish people wearing a beret and carrying a baguette around on their bike (a bit too cliche?!), and of course Laduree. I have a great piece of news for you....(just keep on reading). Louis Ernest Laduree opened his first store rue Royale in 1826, and now, almost a 150 years ago, Laduree opened its first store in NY on the Upper East side (on Madison Ave between the 70st & 71st). 
I decided to go check the new store out, so I took the subway to go uptown at 6pm (stupid idea) was packed! A very small guy spent 3 subway stops under/in my left armpit as I was trying to hold on to the closest metal was quite disturbing (especially for him). I finally got out of the subway and walked a few blocks, and I realized once again how much I loved the upper east side, it is a little more quiet and everything looks prettier. When I got to the store, I stood outside for a minute just to stare at the pyramids of macaroons, the pretty colored candles, and the smiling people who looked like they just discovered paradise. This totally made me want to buy Everything. When I finally walked inside and saw the prices, I realized that buying everything was definitely not an option... So I ended up buying 4 ice creams with macarons on top for the friends who were going to come have dinner at my place. It was a success! They tasted delicious and the way they were packaged made them taste even better :-) 
Laduree is not a go to for every occasion.  However, when you have to bring a little something to a dinner party, or when you just need to go to a pretty place to treat yourself, Laduree definitely is the place! 

 That's the window of Laduree in NY
Which one are you going to have?

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