Sunday, October 9, 2011

Charly ♥ NOir

A few days ago, one of my best friends sent me this picture because she wanted to show me a bracelet that she really liked (the one with the dinosaur bones). I thought it was really cool and decided to go on the nOir website. Huge mistake! My "like" for this brand turned into a "huge crush"....bad, bad, bad!

It went from having a crush to making a shopping list of which bracelets I really want to have... 

Modelinia Beautiful Friends Bracelet. Somalia.  $35 
All of the money raised from the sales of this bracelet will go to Save the Children, an organization that helps children in East Africa. And this bracelet with the flag of Somalia is to raise awareness about the growing famine happening in the country.
 Modelinia Beautiful Friends Bracelet. UK Flag.  $35 
 Thin Bangle Bracelet. $70
Shaka Bracelet. $125

Wonder Woman Enamel Bracelet. $140
They have plenty more Wonder Woman Jewelry on their website! 

Dinosaur Bones Pavement $850
(they also have the version without the shiny pavements for $450)

The 2 Fingers Sword Ring. $88.

You can find all of my crusheS right here

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