Thursday, October 6, 2011

Charly's Addiction

I do NOT have an addiction to something/ or should I even say some thingS....or maybe I tell me...My first Addiction "apparently" is Shopping (I would personally call it a passion...), and my second addiction is TV or more specifically TV Shows. You see, growing up, I did not have a TV or to be more precise my dad refused that we have cable at home. TV was for idiots (as 85% of what's on it is pretty much uninteresting). So I grew up watching cute movies and Disney cartoons on VHS and reading a LOT of books. I only truly discovered what TV meant at the age of 22 when I moved in with my boyfriend in our cute one bedroom in NY. I still remember coming in the appartement the first day we moved in and it was completely empty EXCEPT for a giant TV standing in the middle of the living room. At first I was making fun of him for wanting such a big screen in such a small appartment....and then I discovered what TIVO was. For people who used to be like me and have no clue what it is, let me tell you: It is a magical invention which records all the programmes and movies you wanna watch when you're not there or just because you don't want to bother with commercials. And then I started recording more and more shows... Here under is the list of all the shows I am watching this season...Sorry daddy, I promise that I sometimes watch the History channel  ;-)  

1. Gossip Girl
2. Hart of Dixie
3. 90210
4. Nikita
5. The New Girl
6. Revenge
7. The Ringer
8. Modern Family
9. The Secret Circle
10. Up All Night
11. Happy Endings
12. The Lying Game
13. The Vampire Diaries
14. Castle
15. Greys' Anatomy
16. Keeping up with the Kardashians (this obviously also includes Lamar & Khloe)
17. House
18. Cougar Town
19. 30 Rock
20. Parks & Recreations
21. The Office

So, now tell me... which ones of these shows do you watch too?!


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