Monday, October 24, 2011

Charly's Favorite Cupcake

I love everything that contains sugar...the more, the better... I'd rather skip an appetizer just to be able to have two deserts! My excuse: I am Belgian, I have chocolate running through my veins, so it's totally healthy for me to feed on sugar!
Because I am in NY, I decided to go on a hunt to find the best cupcake in town. My Fave: The miniature cupcake flavor cookie dough from "Baked By Melissa", it is just to die for...
Also, now on her website you can customize your own cupcake and then order as many as you want (with a minimum of 50).

 Here is her window on Spring St (at the corner of Broadway) $10 for 12 mini cupcakes
 Check out the website to create your own cupcake
 The 3 in the middle are the cookie dough. YummY YummY YummY 

 This is the cutest one: The Red Velvet! 

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