Saturday, October 22, 2011

Pretty Headbands at Pretty Prices

Deepa Gurnani is everywhere! I have to admit, I am a big fan of her headbands, and some of her clutches are beautiful too. And yes, I also love the fact that she was designing some headbands for Alexander McQueen and Fendi while still in school (pretty bad ass...). She is now working with her husband and together they design the headbands we are all big fans of. 
The main reason I wanted to talk to you about these handbands is because I found THE store where to buy them: Anthropologie! This is the cheapest place to shop this brand. (I, of course, discovered this after I already bought a few of them at several other stores in the city for over $75 when each of them approximately cost $30 at Anthropologie). Do not make the same mistake I did.... and go check their store/ or their online store right now ;-)  →

 The Swooping Paisleys Headband. $32
 The Tyche Headband. $32
Here under is the exact link to get to this one (otherwise just go into hair accessories and you will recognize the ones from this brand mostly due to the fact that there is some cute fabric inside) 

 The Race Track Headband. $32
 The Slice Gourd Headband. $32
Even Natalie Portman has one ;-) 

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