Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Stella...you're a Star!

McCartney said in one of her interviews "It is a big deal to  buy clothes"....no kidding Stella!
This British designer is on Top of the World with her latest collection that everybody is going crazy for.

Unfortunately, her luxury pret a porter collection is a bit expensive (the dress right here above is over $2000)... So, I tried to find an alternative for us, and I did: It is called ASOS! The 2 dresses here under are each worth abou£45. http://www.asos.com/Women/

When I think about Stella...I also think about Adidas!!! She is my motivation to go to the gym, or should I say my motivation to go buy an outfit to go to the gym. Indeed, Stella has designed several collections for them.
THE winter sport jacket. $300 (it makes me wanna go skiing right NOW)
Too soon? Maybe... Okay then, let's go to the gym first. And let me tell you that one thing Stella rocks at is making awesome looking sports clothes that are at the same time super comfortable. I already bought a few items from her this summer and I am telling you, you should do the same! 

Running Shoes. $175

Short. $85

Short Sleeve Terry Tee. $75

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