Monday, October 17, 2011

Just Jeggings ★

When the jeggings appeared on the fashion market a few years ago, I remember that I was kind of opposed to wearing them... The idea of wearing tight sweat pants and looking stylish at the same time sounded impossible. Thank God I changed my mind! Jeggings are just AwEsOmE. I wear the black and dark blue ones to go to work all the time because they are soooo comfortable and they look great with everything. The only thing is...a lot of brands have great jeggings but they are very expensive and do not last very long. I fell inluuuuv with the ones from American Eagle and Aerie (basically the same brand).
If you buy them without trying them on, buy a size smaller. This detail made me very happy at first (when I thought that I actually dropped a size...), unfortunately one of the girl from the store told me that EverybodY was buying a size smaller because they sized a little bit bigger...  

 Aerie. Jeggings. $49

 American Eagle. Blue Jeggings. $44
(this one will be in my closet by tomorrow afternoon ;-)

American Eagle. Red Jeggings. $44
And they have the same in Black for $39
If you want to buy them online, here is the link  →

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  1. Paige is great too and around the same price. Really great for girls with long legs