Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Run Charly....Run!

I just wanted to share my happy sneakers days with you!

YESTERDAY: Clear blue skies + a freezing sun (in Charly's vocabulary it means sunny but COLD). I was very excited by this weather as it was finally cold enough to wear the Miu Miu sneakers I bought over two months ago (they look pretty winterish so I really could not wear them when it was still hot outside).

Tadaaaa... I fell in<3 with these Miu Miu Embellished Velvet sneakers the moment I laid eyes on them. 
Can you blame me?!
I added this picture so that you could see that the velvet is actually green 
(the green is very dark though)

TODAY: Beautiful and cold as well. I would advise everybody to walk on the side of the sidewalk where the sun shines, which is not always easy to find in the city (especially around midtown and the financial district with all of these tall buildings...). This weather made me want to wear some warm and stylish shoes so I  decided to unwrap the box of my Isabel Marant's sneakers that I received a little over a month ago. Because of the 5cm (2inches) wedges inside they make your legs look great!

Isabel Marrant Bekket High Top Suede Sneakers
It was just so hard to find a pair, that when I received them, I was ecstatic! 

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  1. Oh wow! Sneakers with concealed wedges are JUST what a little girl like me needs! Too bad they're sold out :-(