Thursday, October 13, 2011

UNIQue LOw prices

I love to go walk my dog in the morning for a few reasons, but the most important one being that it gives me 20' to assess the weather and thinking about what I am going to wear during the day.  What? did you really think that I was going to walk my dog in decent clothes?! Of course not. When I wake up, I put some sweat pants and a hoodie on, while I try to wake up my dog... Not an easy task believe me, I have a bulldog and he just loves to sleep in (you need treats to make him go to the door if it is before 10am). Anywho, this past week, I ended up getting the weather wrong everyday. Last wednesday, I was wearing a jean and a simple grey t-shirt and the wind started blowing (I was freezing), and as I was right next to UNIQLO (the giant one in Soho), I decided to walk inside to warm me up for 5 minutes. Inside the store was just as cold as outside...I wondered what was up with putting the AC at minus 10°, but then it hit me... All I could see around me were super thin coats. That's when I realized that the AC was blowing on purpose to make people like me wanna buy these coats...(and it totally worked ;-) I ended up buying the black version of the very cute Premium Down Ultra Light Jacket. And you know what? I am glad I did! This coat is just the extra layer you need when it gets a little chilly outside. Plus, you get a little bag to put it in (the coat only weights 99grams/0.21pounds) and takes up only very little space.  
This is the little coat we all need to carry around in our bags just in case the weather changes (and as you know it always does).
Going back to Uniqlo, if you need or like basics at affordable prices, this is your store! (I bought the Boyfriend fit Chino Pants in 3 colors and they look great)!  
Premium Down Ultra Light Jacket. $79. 

This is the bag with the coat inside.
 I took a picture and I added my glasses to show you how small this bag is. 
(and the coat actually fits in there perfectly, not like the sleeping bags that once taken out, can never fit back!) 

Boyfriend Fit Chino Pants. $39

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