Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Don't Kiss Me....

Charly's Morning Routine (after I am done showering):
1. I wash my face with the Cleanance Gel from Avene
2. I apply some Hydra Life cream from Dior
3. If I am really pale (which I am most of the time), I will wear some of the phyto touch 'sun glow' from Sisley (a very natural blush)
4. I like red cheeks, so I add the Sheertone 'Pink Swoon' from Mac on them
5. If I have to look decent because I gotta go to work, I will put some 'Diorshow black out Mascara' from Dior
6. I always put some lipbalm 'Chapstick' to have soft lips
7. Heaven: My favorite part => LIPSTICKS
I am not a big make up person BUT I am obsessed with what goes on my lips. Wearing Lipstick/Lipgloss is like wearing an accessory. If you wear something more sheer you can put more make up on your eyes, but if you wear a strong color (on your lips), try to keep it simple on the rest of your face and also be careful with what you do with your hair...the line between looking sexy and looking trashy is sometimes thinner than what you think. Lipsticks can change your look completely and reveal the person you want to be!

My favorite brand of the moment is 'Tom Ford'. They are about $48 each, not cheap but really worth it as they last for hours and the colors are simply amazing. I bought the Cherry Lush and it looks great by day and by night. They are not always easy to find, but in New York, you can buy them at Jeffrey's in the Meatpacking district, or online at the Bergdorf online store →
STEP 1: 'Cherry Lush'

I added a few more colors so that you can see how FANTASTIC they are....

 'Sable Smoke'

'Black Orchid'

'Violet Fatale'

If I wear an already strong color during the day, I need to switch it up or add something extra for the night. I found the Chanel 'Rouge Allure Laque' and I picked the Color 75 called 'Dragon'. It is a strong Red and it looks Gorgeous. Unfortunately it is a limited edition, so hurry up!

STEP 2: Chanel. Rouge Allure Laque. Dragon. $32. Buy it online right here 

My last miracle product is also from Chanel. (Also limited from the Chanel Christmas Collection). It is to put on top of the three layers you already have (Chapstick + Tom Ford Cherry + Chanel Laque). But do NOT put it all over your lips, just put it on the middle of your bottom lip (just a touch). It will attract the light and make your lips look simply Perfect! 

STEP 3: Chanel. Levres Scintillantes Glossimer. Sparkle d'Or. $28. Buy it here 

One advise though: Do NOT kiss anyone because it won't look pretty ;-) 

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  1. I can't live without my Chanel Glossimers! My absolute favorite lipgloss - I feel like it's actually less sticky than most lip glosses. Another one I like for a basic work day is M.A.C.'s "underage" lipglass. We use the same mascara! Such a classic ;-)... another new mascara I recently discovered and absolutely love is Chanel's "Sublime de Chanel". I'm actually on my way to Bloomingdales to buy some powder foundation for my pale winter days; I think I'm going to try Laura Mercier.