Saturday, March 3, 2012

Music of the M83

A couple months ago (maybe a little more than that) I heard a song and was immediately hooked..the only problem was that I didn't remember the name of it or the name of the group or basically anything about it except that I loved it. I was browsing on youtube, listening to different songs when out of nowhere the song came up!!!! How awesome?! Pretty Awesome for me I can tell you that...and hopefully good enough for you...

M83. Graveyard Girl. 
Ok, the title might be a little off putting but I swear the song is good.
My favorite part is when she starts talking (at the 2'15seconds something)

That group does less creepy stuff as well that I love almost as much as this song

M83. We Own the Sky
Listen to this while getting ready for your day 

HappY SundaY PeepS. 

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