Wednesday, March 7, 2012

RedFarm in the City

Last Saturday I discovered one of these magical 'made in nyc' place. I was in the West Village with one of my girlfriends and we decided to have lunch at the REDFARM. It was my first time going there, but it definitely was not my last... The concept of the restaurant is 'Innovative, Inspired Chinese Cuisine with Greenmarket Sensibility'. The food is incredibly tasty and full of flavors, the decor is simple cozy and stylish. This restaurant is probably the best finding of 2012 (so far...). Should I add that the restaurant has been at the top of the best restaurant list in the Time Out magazine for months and that while having lunch Gwyneth Paltrow, Chris Martin and kids came in to spend some quality family time...

These PacMan dumplings just cracked me up...
But there one thing that you simply HAVE to order : the Kowloon Filet Mignon Tarts 
(it is to die for....)

Check their ratings on Yelps _
And their website _

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