Friday, February 10, 2012

V for .....

I am not a big fan of Valentine's Day BUT it doesn't mean that I don't want anything (I would use any occasion to try to get spoiled...) Though the Boyfriend decided that I did not deserve any gifts before my bday (next December) is so hard (I should admit that he over-spoiled me for Xmas)!
BUT for those of you who have no inspiration and need to pick a gift: Just leave the WhatCharlyWants page open on your +1's computer).
I wish I was the subtle, nice girl who would never ask for anything...I am not. I leave magazines open with a 'I WANT', 'I REALLY LIKE', 'I CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT' sharpie comments! or I just rip the pages and stick them somewhere like on the fridge or on the mirror in the bathroom.... (I would hate dating myself ;-)

Want the Keys to my Heart?
Yves Saint Laurent. Charm Key Ring in Gold Toned Metal. $145

I will give you gifts ideas every day until V Day.

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