Friday, January 6, 2012

The Cold Bites....

My hands tend to look like crocodile skin because of this freezing weather....and I do not intend to turn them into a fancy bag (yet). My lips are in no better condition. At this stage, Chapsticks and l'Occitane hand creams are definitely not going to cut it. The best remedy to extremely dry skin is the 'Eight Hour Cream' of Elizabeth Arden.

My advice: It is greasy so try to put the cream on your hands right before going to bed. And you'll have baby hands the next morning!

Elizabeth Arden. 8 Hour. Intense Moisturizing Cream. $19

Elizabeth Arden. Lipbalm. $19

Hand Treatment + Skin Treatment + Lipbalm = $46

Stay Warm and Keep Your Skin Moisturized!!!!

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