Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Reading Time

Hey Girls, I am so sorry I didn't give you any news but all the wifi spots refused to work so I enjoyed the snow for a week. Not checking up your emails for a week is at the same time frightening and very enjoyable. I am now back in New York, NY and I am going to share with you a book that I love and that I've read once again while on vacation... I've read this book countless times (maybe 6 or 7 times, but who's counting ;-) Having read most of the books written by this author, Paige Toon, I can tell you without a hesitation that this one is her best. It is super girly (don't expect anything intellectual) but it will take your mind off of everything!

Paige Toon. Chasing Daisy

Synopsis: "If you fall too fast, you just might crash...Daisy has been dumped, unceremoniously jilted. Not by any ordinary guy, no...Daisy has a secret in her past that she won't even tell her best friend, Holly. She's given up on men - and on her own family. But life still has to be lived and where better to recover than as far away from home as possible. Grabbing a chance to see the world, Daisy packs her bags and joins the team catering to the world's highest-paid, supercharged racing drivers on the Formula 1 Grand Prix circuit. From Brazil to Italy, from Melbourne to Monte Carlo, life passes in a dizzying whirlwind. But nothing - and no one - can stop Daisy from falling again...this time for a man who is prepared to risk his life, and his heart, for the sake of speed, danger and ultimate success."


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