Saturday, January 14, 2012

When Fashion Designers turn into Magicians

In September 2010, I saw an incredible exhibition in Istanbul on the genius of HUSSEIN CHALAYAN. I was flabbergasted by his designs. And then a few months after that I couldn't remember his name and it got me pretty frustrated. This week, I was talking with a friend about fabrics when she said 'ohhh this reminds me of Hussein Chalayan' and I thought I remembered the name, she then sent me a video of him and I thought I was going to hug her! It took me a year and a half to finally rediscover who he was. I've just spent an hour on my couch watching videos of his shows on youtube and I cannot get over what he does. He is Brilliant!!!

See for yourself...

That was in 2007

Great Video on Chalayan's latest collection!

And who do you think craves for his designs????? Lady Gaga!!!

Check out Chalayan's blog to know more about it

He is also the designer for Puma...and I really like this outfit for this coming summer!

Go Chalayan!!!!!!

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