Thursday, January 26, 2012


Hello my sunshines, I am pretty sure that you are going to hate me after this post (just like I now hate the person who made me discover this wonderful 'I don't have a life' website). You know how sometimes, you have a ton of work to do and you just find yourself on several websites completely unrelated to work (stalking your nemesis or a cute guy on fb/ updating your twitter/ checking some random blogs....).  Let me tell you that this is a JOKE compared to the website I am going to give you.... It is called Stumble Upon. . All you have to do is check what your interests are in life (ex: fashion, shopping, design, literature, oddities, ......). And from then on it will send you from website to website. It sends you to a first website, if you like it, that's great, just check it out. Had enough? just press Stumble and it will send you to another one, ALL related to your interests..... It is absurd, ridiculous, genius, the BEST useless internet tool EVER invented...and it just never stops!

When I decided to Stumble only with Photography as an interest, it sent me to a website with this awesome picture.

When I decided to Stumble with fashion as an interest, it gave me an article on the Most Over the Top Looks from the Couture Collections of this S/S2012
The hat might be a little OTT 
(this was from Alexis Mabille)

And these two examples are nothing compared to the massive amount of websites and cool articles/videos/pictures/... you are going to discover.

Have Fun! 

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