Friday, January 13, 2012


Now that I went on about my future desk (in my previous post), it got me thinking..... What are the things that I am actually going to need (by need I mean = Will not be able to live without...) Answer: MUJI! They have the best desk accessories.

That's just in case you couldn't remember what MUJI was. 
I don't know why, but by just looking at the name in chinese 
people tend to remember what this store is about... (weird!)

City Landscape Pen Stand- New York. $21.50

Glue Stick Type. $ 1.25
Still finguring out when am I actually going to use glue...but I'll find something!

Paper Clips. Tower. $6.95

36 Colored Pencils in Tube. $16.75
Life is better in colors.....right?!

Rubber. $ 1.25
To erase mistakes?! If only we had giant rubbers to erase human mistakes... 
Mine would probably have to be gigantic ;-)

What's on your desk?

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