Sunday, January 22, 2012

Let's Keep Things Organized

We all have a million things happening at the same time: work, love life, friends, family,... and it's sometimes really hard to keep track because we have too many different calendars. Here is the list of my calendars: the one in my blackberry for work, the one in my personal phone, the one on the wall in the kitchen, ....) What I realized is that I actually need ONE paper calendar in which I would write everything. And of course...the cutter the better! 

I really like the stickies. I think that it will make my days more fun.

The Second thing that I really need is to keep my bags organized... because right now, it is a disaster. And when you are in a rush in the morning and that you need to switch bags it tends to be a painful thing to do, receipts are everywhere, tissues, band aids, and so on. We carry our entire lives in our bags, and everyday we lose so much time looking for something (phones, keys, chapstick,..) that I decided it was time to do something about it. 

Whatever the shape of your bag is, this purse organizer will fit!

Note Pouch. $52.95

Here is the Website

Don't you feel more organized already?! I totally Do...

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  1. I love this website there is so many cool stuff and it's pretty cheap. The best thing is for owner of fujifilm instant camera 'cuz they have about a thousand different albums, decoration kit and frames. I bought pocket stickers and took picture of all my shoes. than I stick the pocket on the a shoe box and insert the photo like this I know which shoes are in which box and if the box get too old i get to keep the photo, in perfect condition for another box.