Saturday, January 21, 2012

My Jeans Need to Go to THERAPY

My favorite pair of jeans are from Diesel, they are 6 years old and they are in a pitiful state... Wholes everywhere! (and not in the cutest places :-) My plan: Sending my jeans to Therapy - DENIM THERAPY.
In only three very easy steps you get your favorite jeans back looking amazing!
Step 1: Ship them your jeans (it's in New York)
Step 2: They send you an email with the estimation to which you reply Yes or No.
Step 3: They Repair and Return your jeans.
And they do pretty much everything you could dream of: Hems, Repairs, Replace Zippers, Expend it for Pregnant women, Dye, Tailor, and my FAVorite: Monogramming!!!!!!
And the best thing about this Denim Therapy Concept is that it is pretty cheap... 

Okay, so this is absolutely NOT Classy but it made me laugh... 

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